“I almost missed out on something good as this!”

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I haven’t asked to use lyrics in a while because everyone has different styles that works for them.
However, once I saw Souly’s cover, I was really into it! One “Ok” later, and this is the result of it.
Please do check her channel out, she’s been a help!

The song is catchy, and Oresuki was a show I was eyeing on to decompress after F/GO. Not much else to say since I’m still grinding during my free time.

I finished Salem in F/GO so I went back and put time into beating MegaMan solo in dragalia. I finished it with 6 seconds to spare.
Co-op mode took a while because not everyone has good synergy. Once someone dies, you’re bound to finish the boss with the time remaining.
I have yet to finish the dragons, but I took some time off to do this cover. Don’t mind me.

Thanks for listening to the cover, and reading this!
Christian V @chibivargas

Lyrics: Souly @dreamycrowns

Original Artist: Shuka Saito

Series: Oresuki /
Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo /
Are You Really the Only One Who Likes Me
Minor alterations were made to fit my yelling, however the rest are Souly’s!

As sudden as raindrops; you just drizzled and flood in
Can’t let you be kind with no ulterior motive.
You’ve given me so much that I almost can’t hold it.
It turns out that within me a flower begun to bloom.
I know that someplace somewhere that they call this feeling love.

Catching such a sweet scent; feel my heart take small hits.
Somewhere deep inside, the poison’s brewing hot!

Bit by bit I feel it – my heart just can’t leave you.
That’s really all I know, or ever had!

Pa! There was never a entry for flowers!
First in the world, could it be something new that we learned.

I wanna learn and show you about the truth unknown,
But you never seem the type that wants to know.
Despite the effort, I can’t get your attention.

Knocking at your door and waiting for answers-
Knocking again, but you seem locked away from the world!
Even then I know I can’t bring up hate-
Even if your messages are ever late.
This flower fully open – it’s fully blooming PA PA PA

Once it’s fully bloomed you gotta know to turn back-
Just look it’s goin’ PA PA PA


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