I’ve made this extra strong, do meditate and relax an It’d be more stronger if you visualize that one person missing you …
Because it’s super strong subliminal . . .

Do make sure the volume is comfortable and medium …
It’s not the subliminal it’s your subconscious mind let the subliminals pour into your subconscious mind and see how you attract what you’re looking for

Listen to it before sleep or early in morning if possible
Listen to this at least 2 times if possible and enjoy
1)stay hydrated
2)make sure you really want the subliminal effects so you’re not messing around
3)it’s best if you listen to this at a low volume while sleeping
4)make sure you are listening to this subliminal at least one or two times for faster results and give a like or subscribe if you want more super cool subliminal
5)make sure you’re relexed and not obsessed
6)listen for 22 days for more and better results this could take you a short while or long while but it all depends
7)make sure it’s unisex or accordingly
8)I’m a new subliminal channel so I’ll be accepting requests as long as I can
9) enjoy 😌

Email me at saifullah1234566@gmail.com
Or just comment right below .
Or princeofsubliminals my instagram

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